Judy Mojo Art - Feel Joy, Feel Connected, Feel Free | Pigments Of Imagination
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Feel Joy, Feel Connected, Feel Free

Hi, I’m Judy. I am the founder and creator of Judy Mojo Art.

I have been soulfully creating my art on a daily basis since finding the little artist in me alive and well! I believe that everyone has an artist inside just waiting to burst out and create.

That is what happened to me! After having scissors in my hands for years, I now have a paintbrush in my hands and my soul is full! I want to share with you a piece of the magic that happens when I paint. My art comes from a place of healing and growth.

My art is inspired by the compassion and love I feel for humanity, nature and all living beings.

I hope you enjoy looking and most of all I hope that my art speaks to you in ways that leave you with a feeling of connection and love.