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This is me!
The Journey

“Flowers are like that. They ask to be admired in the now. That is all they have.” – Judy


“The truth is that letting you go was the hardest thing I have done. Staying true to me is even harder. Could it be so?”  – Judy

I have been an artist all my life! As a young child, most of my “art” was theatrical.  I was curious about everything, independent, spirited and my imagination ran wild!! Throughout my teens, my “art” skills were put to the test many times, as was my Mom’s patience, while trying to convince her that I really was too sick for school, or that I didn’t realize how late it really was… I failed miserably and soon gave up the “art of acting”.
Only for a short while though as I spent the next twenty years as a hairstylist, performing daily and trying to create miracles! It wasn’t until I left the stage of hairstyling that I found art. I had given so much to others for so long that I just wanted to do something for me, just me. I decided to take a year off work to contemplate life and all that mattered in my world and I soon found out that beneath my carefree, free spirited way, there was actually a very sad, lost “little me” that was aching for attention. Once I put paint to paper, this “little me” was at peace and very happy to play and get messy! Creating art was also a safe place for me to explore deeper feelings, including the pain and the losses I have had in my life. I had never been the artist in the family. Both my brother and sister are naturally talented with drawing and painting skills. Looking back, I was proud enough with my many fluffy rug hooking animals and my many doodles of hearts and scribbles!
The signs were there for me to be an artist as I doodled on everything, driving my mom nuts! As I started to explore art further, I found myself not only creating art that I loved, I was also healing my soul.
I have been painting and playing with mixed media art ever since and my art now takes on many forms. I love to play with colour and personal symbols such as lotus flowers, butterflies, numbers, words, feathers and dragonflies. I love the freedom of also creating more abstract paintings that, although they too carry messages and meaning, they are much more playful. There is rarely a day goes by that I am not engaged in some form of art.
This is not only what I do, this is now who I am. My art heals my soul. Through my art journey, I have been able to express my emotions in a healing, graceful, tender way.
I wish to inspire with my art a gentle reminder to embrace self-care and compassion.

“Love is something I will always try to feel for others, even when it seems that love has let me down” – Judy