Hi. I'm Judy.

The artist behind JudyMojoArt

ARTIST - Gabriola Island, BC. Canada

My art journey began as a healing process in my life.

Creating art has  been the safe sanctuary I needed  to get in touch with deeper feelings, including the pain and the losses I have had in my life.  As I started to explore art further,  I found myself not only creating art that I loved,  I was also healing my soul.

Once I put paint to paper my heart was at peace and very happy to play and get messy!  I  have been painting and playing with mixed media art ever since and my art now takes on many forms.  I love to play with colour and personal symbols such as lotus flowers, butterflies, numbers, words, feathers and dragonflies.

There is rarely a day goes by that I am not engaged in some form of art.  This is not only what I do, this is now who I am.  My art is my therapy.  Through my art journey,  I have been able to express my emotions in a healing, graceful, and tender way.

An integral part of my creative world  is my journal writing.  This valuable feature enables the creation of  mixed media paintings using a variety of mediums including acrylics, watercolour, inks, collage, photo transfers, oil pastels, charcoal, plaster, etc.

While remaining a conscious friend of the environment,  I make use of earth friendly sources working in the studio.  My artistic style and progressive techniques enable the creation of interesting designs, marks and imprints by using my own collage papers, stamps and stencils.  My wish is that my art speaks to you in ways that leave you with a warm feeling of connection and love.   ♥

The only thing I know is that I paint because I have to.
- Frida Kahlo