In early November of 2015 I spent the day at Cherry Hill Elementary School in Mission. I had a chance to teach 50 grade 3 and 4 students how to make prayer flags. I had met their wonderful teacher Christine at one of my summer markets and she loved the prayer flags. The students were so excited to be able to make the flags as they had been learning about the origins of the original Tibetan flags. Each student brought to school a charm that they were able to attach to the flag. I had pre made the fabric squares and printed out the quotes (see below) that they would be using.

They had been learning a song in class so the quotes were lyrics from their song! This was such a special day! I was called Miss Judy for the day and these kids filled my heart. They were so polite, so helpful and just so sweet! Exhausted as I was, I didn’t want the day to end. Remembrance day was the following week and all the flags were displayed in the gym for their assembly. One boy brought a medal that his grandpa had given him to attach to his flag. The kids painted and stenciled and brayered and added sparkles and ribbon and fabric, and they just turned out spectacular! Cherished memories for sure.




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These are the song lyrics they used for their flags.

Throw your hearts up

Let it fly high

Let your love for all the world

Spread through the skies

Let it drop down

Let it all go

Spreading kindness to every

Single living soul


All that I am

All that I see

All that I’ve been

And all that I’ll ever be

Is a blessing

It’s so amazing

And I’m grateful for it all

For it all

I hope I get the chance to go back another time and share some more art techniques and get called Miss Judy again. I like that!