In the spring of 2016 I did a series of floral paintings. Some of them were with song lyrics, and some of them were with my own journal writing. This is the Journaling Blooms series.


I started these paintings with journal writing about my feelings and how I wanted the painting to speak to me. I then added collage and layers on top so most of the writing was covered.  I wanted to remember what I wrote, so I photographed the progress.


Well just the other day I was adding some images of my art to my new Etsy site and came across the photos of the journal writing. This time last year I had been going through a painful transition which included the uncertainty of where I was going to live, how I was going to live, how I was going to support myself and at the same time just beginning to accept my reality.


Although quite sad to read this again, there is one thing I wrote at the bottom of one painting that really stood out and made me smile –  


“I wish for this painting to fill a room that inspires the viewer to live lightly, slow down, and take in the beauty around.” 


This couldn’t be more true for me right now! I will have that. I will be living that. All of that is coming true for me. I have purchased my little piece of property, I am awaiting the permits for my tiny house build, and with a 480sf home, I will be definitely living lightly!


I will be heading to Gabriola Island this weekend to start clearing some of my land, and saving as many little trees as possible!!! I am also bringing over my cute little gypsy caravan that I just bought!!! It is so adorable! I have made curtains and pillows and a comfy bed as it will start out being where I will sleep when on the island waiting for my build, and then it will be my little art gallery. I will have it at the front of my property so people can stop in. When I first started going to Gabriola almost 10 years ago, I fell in love with a little “honesty garden”. It is a little shed that you can go in and pick up any plants or pots or trinkets and just place the money in a box! I just love the sweetness of that. I am going to do the same! I will have an “honesty gallery” so at times when I am not there my art will still be available to purchase! Love it!!!!


So, I have a lot to look forward to this year. My new online shop, my artwork in local stores, my move and creating my art on a daily basis keeps my heart filled and excited for my future.

Best, Judy